2Twenty2 by Chef B provides personal chef and catering services for corporate and private events in the Las Vegas area.

We specialize in Soul Fusion Cuisine, a concept developed by owner and executive chef Brian Adams, that combines Southern family recipes with French cooking techniques.

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife, 24hour casinos, incomparable entertainment, and legendary hotels on the Strip. 2Twenty2 is committed to
enhancing those unforgettable events and experiences. Our high standards for services and food quality, creativity and in-depth industry experience guaranteed that your event will be unique and memorable.

Chef Services

We offer a variety of services to help you make the best impression. Whether you’re planning a dinner party, a catered event, or dream
of having a private chef take over your kitchen, we make it easy. Let us work with you to develop a customized dinner plan suited
to your personal tastes and budget. Read more about our services below and contact us for a free consultation!

Personal Chef Services

Let us prepare a coursed meal in your home kitchen! Our personal chef services are ideal for parties of six or fewer guests. We’ll create a customized meal plan based on your needs and preferences, shop for all groceries, prepare the meal, and clean up afterward.

Dinner Parties

When you host a dinner party, interacting with guests is a top priority. Our dinner party services offer the option of a plated or buffet-style dinner for parties of 50 guests or fewer.

Catered Events

Are you planning a milestone birthday party for a loved one? A graduation party for your stellar high school or college graduate? A wedding or family reunion? We can prepare plated or buffet-style meals for 300 or fewer guests.

About The Chef

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